Hanwel’s specialists carry out various inspections to assess the current condition of equipment. Feel free to contact our specialists to discuss what kind of inspection you need.


Inspection of valves

In addition to assessing the current condition of the valves, the inspection of valves includes advice on how to optimise the valve. We can also supply one-on-one replacements for old, unknown manufacturers. Preventive maintenance plans are drawn up together with you, as part of which Hanwel monitors the valves and keeps the necessary spare parts in stock.

Inspection of expansion joint

When assessing the current condition of the expansion joints, there are a number of points of interest: visual check for damage, condition and installation method. In addition, the hardness is measured in the event of rubber expansion joints. After the inspection, an extensive inspection report is drawn up. This includes advice regarding any expansion joints to be replaced.

Inspection of Lisega pipe supports and standard supports

Our specialists carry out inspections of Lisega pipe supports, during which we assess the current condition of the supports. Lisega components are often poorly maintained, leaving them in a very poor condition after decades of use. We map out which supports need to be replaced and draw up an extensive inspection report. We can also map out all present supports to facilitate preventive maintenance rounds.

Do you need an inspection? Feel free to contact us.