Pressure relief / Excess valves

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Pressure relief valves relieve the system when the pressure becomes too high relative to a pre-set pressure level. They do this by quickly releasing excess pressure when the maximum pressure level has been reached. The difference between pressure control valves and pressure relief valves is that the first category of valves aims to regulate the pressure linearly and to keep the pressure level as constant as possible, while pressure relief valves aim to release excess pressure as quickly as it occurs. These valves are suitable for liquids, steam, oil, compressed air, water and neutral gases. 

Overdruk- excess afsluiters


  • Range: DN15 to DN200 
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 40 barg (PN10-PN40 / 150 lbs. – 300 lbs.)  
  • Temperature: -30⁰C to 220⁰C 
  • Design: 1-piece or 2-piece casing 
  • Tightness: bi-directional tightness, bubble tight (EN 12266-A) 
  • Casing material: cast iron, steel, stainless steel  
  • Sealing material: EPDM, NBR, PEEK, PTFE, PTFE graphite  
  • Exotic materials possible: yes 
  • Available with piston, bellows or diaphragm operation 


Pressure relief valves are equipped with a spring, piston or diaphragm, the permitted movement due to pressure changes is precisely pre-set. When the pressure in the system exceeds the permitted pressure level, the piston or diaphragm moves and the valve opens to release the built-up pressure. When the pressure has reached the desired level, the valve closes again by the force of the regulating spring. 

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