Double eccentric check valves

Product information

In collaboration with Konrad GmBh., we supply double eccentric check valves for cooling water, sea water, coke gas and other demanding conditions. Konrad’s patented Exentromat® check valves have a double eccentric disc and a welded casing made of forged steel or stainless steel. Thanks to this high-quality design, the Konrad valves can be seen as rock-solid valves that realise very long working lives.

The Konrad non-return valve is available as a check valve or as a combined check valve-butterfly valve and is 100% gas-tight, two-sided if so desired. The valve can be locked in open or closed position by means of a gearbox in the event of an emergency or maintenance. Because each individual part can be manufactured from multiple materials, this valve can be perfectly adapted to different circumstances.

Dubbel excentrische terugslagkleppen


  • Range: DN50 to DN2000
  • Pressure: 0 barg to 63 barg (PN10-63 and 150lbs.-300lbs.)
  • Temperature: -196⁰C to 550⁰C
  • Design: 1-piece casing
  • Tightness: uni-directional tightness (EN 12266-A)
  • Casing material: steel, stainless steel
  • Sealing material: EPDM, NBR, Viton, metal, hybrid seals
  • Exotic materials possible: yes
  • Available as a 100% check valve or with gearbox for manual operation


Due to the robust design and the double eccentric seal, this valve is suitable for the most severe conditions. For this reason, this valve is often used to shut off cooling water, seawater, coke gas, steam and other mediums as they offer a long working life without maintenance.

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