Habonim high-pressure ball valves


Why high-pressure ball valves? High-pressures applications set specific requirements to fittings. Habonim high-pressure ball valves are suited for applications up to 1000 barg/15,000 Psi. Depending on the applications, the ball valves feature a floating ball design or a trunnion mounted design. The H29 series is specifically designed for hydrogen service.  


  • Floating ball & trunnion ball series
  • One-piece, two-piece or three-piece design
  • Flanged, welded, bolted, clamped, wafer connections & more
  • ANSI #150 - #6000 / DIN PN10 - PN1000
  • Cryogenic -296°C service up to HT 650°C service
  • ESD service for extremely fast operation
  • Specific versions for specific applications: cryogenic
  • high pressure, dual safe, ESD, biotech and more
  • Habonim Custom Solutions

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