PTFE And PFA-lined Piping Systems

Product information

For the safe transport of aggressive and corrosive substances, PTFE- or PFA-coated pipes and pipe parts are the solution. PTFE and PFA both have excellent chemical resistance and can withstand relatively high operating temperatures. PFA and PTFE are non-stick and suitable to be applied in the food industry and pharmacy.

Hanwel delivers PTFE lined piping systems on measure, whereby the applicable industry standards are fully complied with.

For the PTFE liner only virgin paste extruded PTFE of Western European origin is used.
For the PFA liner, virgin molded PFA of Western European origin is used.
The steelwork comes exclusively from European foundries and is subject to strict requirements.

PTFE PFA beklede leidingencomponenten


  • Diameter: 1/2" - 12" / DN15 - DN300
  • Flange bore DIN PN10-40 and ASME 150lbs. / 300 lbs.
  • Temperature range: -29°C to +200°C
  • Pressure range: FV to 31 barg - depending on combination
  • Standard pipe section dimensions as per DIN 248 or 2874
  • Virgin paste extruded PTFE according to ASTM D4895
  • Virgin moulded PFA according to ASTM D3307
  • Steelwork material: carbon steel P235GH / P265GH, stainless steel or exotic materials
  • Available with EN 10204 2.2 and 3.1 certification
  • Qualification and testing according to ASTM F1545
  • Standard hydro test at 1.5x nominal pressure
  • Electrostatic spark test 25Kv possible on request

Deliverable components

  • PTFE clad pipes up to 6 meters in length
  • PTFE clad bends in 90° and 45°
  • PTFE clad reducers - centric and concentric
  • PTFE clad reducing and blind flanges
  • PFA clad tees and instrument tees
  • PFA clad crosspieces and reducers
  • PTFE sleeves
  • PTFE and PFA lined dip pipes and entry pipes
  • PTFE and PFA coated sight glasses
  • PTFE clad spacers
  • PTFE and PFA coated columns and custom assemblies

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