Vicoda Type TMD

Product information

Why a Vicoda tuned mass damper? The Vicoda tuned mass damper type TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) is a passive system specifically set to solve an existing vibration problem. The TMD follows the vibrations from the vibration source and reduces the amplitude (deflection) of the vibration source by absorbing the energy and natural frequency of the vibration source. 

The Vicoda tuned mass damper consists of the following three parts: 

  • a mass calculated for the situation; 
  • a spring package calculated for the situation; 
  • a damper calculated for the situation. 
Vicoda type TMD


The Vicoda tuned mass damper is used in addition to the normal pipe supports (suspended or standing) to reduce vibrations in piping systems. 

Other applications include protecting tall buildings against earthquakes, for example. Securing wind turbines and bridges against the occurrence of resonance. 

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