Vicoda spring elements

Product information

Vicoda spring elements are used for decoupling buildings, turbines and large pumps. The aim is to reduce the transmission of noise or vibrations.  These vibrations are common, but not always harmful. Vibrations, however, have a major impact on lifespan and safety when resonance occurs. Every mass-spring system has a natural frequency*.  

If a system is influenced externally by a vibration source with a frequency equal to (a multiple of) the natural frequency, then this system will start to resonate. In the event of resonance, the amplitude (the deflection) of the system is continuously amplified, causing uncontrollable movements, resulting in damage. 

* A natural frequency of a system is one of the frequencies at which a system will vibrate if it is moved from an equilibrium position and then released. 



Well tuned to its own frequency and suitable for preventing resonance. For springing buildings and heavy equipment.

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