Stenflex rubber expansion joint type AR-1

Product information

Stenflex rubber expansion joint type AR-1 is an axial expansion joint without limitation and can be used universally. Various flange drillings are possible in this set-up.

Why type AR-1? Type AR-1 is a rubber expansion joint type A reinforced with high-quality aramid inlays. This way, the AR expansion joint is a PN 25 expansion joint suitable for applications up to 130°C.

Stenflex AR-1


  • Rubber grade: EPDM and NBR rubber
  • Range: DN 25 to DN 400
  • Temperature: max. 130°C
  • Pressure rating: PN 25


Stenflex rubber expansion joint type AR-1 can be used at a pressure level above 16 barg or in high temperatures combined with a relatively high pressure (for example 11 barg at 100°C). This version is suitable for use with higher pressure loads. In addition, the expansion joint is also suitable when extra safety is desired (the burst pressure is higher or equal to 75 barg).

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