Type MPB-I

Product information

A pressure-relieved expansion joint is able to absorb axial and lateral movement, while at the same time neutralizing the forces due to pressure. This is achieved by incorporating an additional bellows into the unit. It works in the opposite direction to the primary bellows and provides a force that ensures that no compressive forces are generated at the ends.

The Type MPB-I (in-line pressure balanced) is installed in a straight pipe system where there is no change of direction.

The pressure balanced expansion joints are installed in similar piping systems as the lateral and axial expansion joints with the great advantage that they do not transmit forces due to pressure to turbines or other sensitive equipment. The only force to be taken into account is the adjustment force to move the bellows.



  • Dimensions: DN15 - DN4200
  • Temperature: max 900°C
  • Pressure: max PN64

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