Constant hangers and Constant supports

Constant hangers and constant suports are used for piping and related components where higher levels of vertical travel occur. Their job is to transfer the working load over the whole travel area while maintaining constancy, i.e. without any considerable deviations. The functional precision of the constant hanger is decisive for the favorable long term behavioiur of the components concerned.

A distinguishing feature of LISEGA constant hanger and constant supports is their unique operating concept. It puts into effect the principle of the parallelogram of forces, which provides the following fundamental advantages :

  • absolute constancy based on a principale
  • load-symmetrical mechanics and structural shape
  • no leverage deflection or momentum effects
  • directly readable load and travel scales
  • load adjustement of 40 – 100% of nominal load
  • special pre-relaxed springs
  • 10.000 load cycles at constant accuracy







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