With PTFE lined pipes

PTFE is resistant to almost all chemicals and can withstand high temperatures. We supply PTFE lined pipes of steel, stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic in both DIN and ANSI versions.

Productranges :

  • PTFE lined pipes
  • PTFE lined elbows
  • PTFE lined Spacer
  • PTFE lined exc. Spacer
  • PFA/PTFE lined Instrument -Tee
  • PTFE/PFA lined Reducer
  • PTFE/PFA lined Red.- Flange
  • PTFE lined Blind flange
  • PTFE/PFA lined sight Glasses
  • PTFE covered Inlet pipes
  • PTFE/PFA lined T- Pieces
  • PTFE/PFA lined Crosses
  • PTFE lined bended Pipes
  • PTFE lined Filters
  • PTFE/PFA lined Pipe material with heating jacket
  • PTFE/PFA lined vessels and columns


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